About Me

Hello friends, My name is Ajay Bhargav and I am from Punjab, India. My friends at home call me Rickey. I have done my B. Tech in Electronics and Communication. When i was in Third year of my engineering, I came across this wonderful thing called Microprocessors. The name sounds so cool to me... I started to get little interested in programming those 8085 Microprocessor Kits in my college Lab. Always trying to do something different. It was fun! Then in the second semester of the same year I came to know about much more powerful thing called Microcontrollers.
As My lecturer said,

Microcontroller has got a CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O ports and much more stuff than a Microprocessor doesn't have on chip.
And I was thinking like WOW and then he introduced The 8051 microcontroller. It was the first one I learnt as it was in my study course. My Lecturer was moving slow but then i thought who is going to wait, and I downloaded some assemblers and simulators to test my codes. I was like a complete NOOB and I got a DOS program for assembling and simulating my programs. Then I started with writing small codes on that DOS interface program which really improved my assembly writing skills. Later when I listening to my Lecturer I always think about doing stuff with this little magiacal thing, But unfortunately I didn't know where to get these babies from.

And I was just passing my time and waiting, When my microcontroller lab is going to come and i go check my codes on those kits in lab... Well as it was in fate.. I decided to go for Diploma in Embedded Designing during my industrial training span of six months. Well that was a real time for me to do something I always wanted to do. Here I want to thank my parents who cooperated with me.

I then trevelled to Bangalore, to do my Diploma and There i got my first personal 8051 IC. Well yes a dream come true for me and It was a turning point in my life... And Then there in the same Lab where i used to work i made this website and named it as "Rickey's World". It was more of a personal site than a study site at starting. But as i get to know more about microcontrollers I wanted to share them with all others. So i started making simple projects in my free time and posting them on different websites. People kind of like them a lot and mail me to ask their doubts. That also helped me improving myself. Since that day.. I am helping students to achive their dreams as i feel everyone has dreams and when they come true, you become the happiest person in the world.

Well thank you for reading about me and I wish all of you best of luck to achive your dreams in life! :)